Spatial Data Workbench: VGA ToF fusion Demo Kit

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Package includes:


  • Project Stovetop ToF Fusion USB 3.1 Peripheral.
    • Multi Jet Fusion  Enclosure
    • Fully assembly and calibrated
    • Magic arm assembly
    • 6' USB 3.1 Type-A to Type-C Cable
  • New laptop computer with:
    • Dual boot: Linux / Windows
    • Preconfigured Linux Demonstration
    • Preconfigured Windows Demonstration


  • MyriadX Vision processor unit (VPU)
    • Hardware accelerated sensor filtering and depth pipeline
    • Neural compute engine
  • OZT-358 VGA ToF Module
  • OV9782 Color or Mono Global Shutter 2d Imager
  • Docker based runtime environment for Linux
  • Options for running depth pipeline on device and on host
  • Onboard processing capable of 30fps delivery:
    • Depthmap
    • RGB Registered depthmap
    • RGB - XYZ dense pointclouds; pre-processed for ROS
  • ROS integrations:
    • Robust ROS1 Integration / dynamic reconfiguration
    • Basic ROS2 Integration