Spatial Workbench: VGA ToF fusion Demo Kit


Note: Priority engineering support is available separately to suit your needs, ask us if you are interested learning about our support options.

Spatial Data Workbench evaluation kit:



Example Interfaces


    • Project Stovetop ToF Fusion USB 3.1 Peripheral:
      • Multi Jet Fusion Enclosure
      • Fully assembly and calibrated; lifetime access to calibration service
      • Durable Calibration board
      • 12" Magic arm assembly
      • 6' USB 3.1 Type-A to Type-A Cable

        • New laptop computer with:
            • Modern AMD/Ryzen laptop 16GB RAM/512GB SSD
              • Dual boot: Linux / Windows available
                • Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Linux distribution equipped with ToF Demos
                • Remote support software with zero configuration VPN
                  • Docker image based installation and runtime environment
                  • Pre-installed Demos, visualizations for:
                    • Color point clouds
                    • Depth, amplitude and RGB parameter tuning
                    • Simple green screen / chroma-key example
                    • One click session recording
                    • Example scripts for replaying data
                    • Example scripts for ROS, openCV & more
                  • Options for running depth pipeline on device and on host
                    • On-device depth pipeline processing capable of 30fps
                      • Robust ROS1 Integration with  dynamic reconfiguration
                        • Basic ROS2 Integration

                          Camera Features:

                          • OZT-358 VGA ToF Module
                          • OV9X82 Global Shutter - Multiple options for Mono/Color & narrow/wide FoV
                          • MyriadX Vision processor unit (VPU)
                            • Hardware accelerated sensor filtering and depth pipeline
                            • Neural compute engine for OpenVINO